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Maha + Usman: Engagement

Wooooohooo to engagements shoots! Maha, Usman & I sneaked in a mini shoot during the rare non-rainy hours that we’ve been getting lately (overcast skies… the best). We walked through Liberty Village, the best area for hidden gems, and had a blast fake laughing and getting some good shots. 🙂 I’ve picked […]

Laura + Peter: Wedding

Laura, Peter & Delilah are the cutest, Their love for eachother is so apparent, which not only makes my job so easy, but also really shapes and contributes to an all-around amazing day. The afternoon was filled with a general feeling of calm and happiness, paired with a wonderful group of […]

Tuscany Destination Wedding: Mina & Ali

I don’t even know where to start with this wedding. This was, without a doubt, the very definition of a “dream wedding”. I had to stop at some moments, look around, and pinch myself to be sure I wasn’t in a wedding Pinterest page come to life. Besides the fact […]

Phil & Erika: Engagement

Such a lovely day for an engagement shoot. Phil, Erika & I jumped on an (almost empty) ferry down to Ward’s Island. It was such a great location for their engagement shoot. A tranquil, beautiful open space… perfect spot to capture their dynamic together. The excitement of their new engagement, […]

Mina + Ali: Engagement

It doesn’t get much better than Florence… Mina & Ali, two amazing people who are now more friends than clients, brought me along to Italy to photograph their wedding (HOW DID I GET SO LUCKY?) A day before the wedding, when the calm started setting in for the big day, […]

City Love: Marisa + David

Marisa & David are the cutest. We had so much fun frolicking around Queen West, sitting on dirty floors and almost getting run over for the sake of the photos. So glad I got to shoot their engagement photos (you guys know how much I love them engagement shoots) – […]

A day on the Island

Look at this hottie. Nadine and I grabbed a ferry to Ward’s Island & pushed through a legitimate tornado (not really legitimate, I’m being dramatic, but it was seriously windy) to get some bad ass photos. The light was amazing, and the wind acted as a natural Beyoncé music video […]

Saf + Michelle: Proposal

THIS IS SO EXCITING. This was my first proposal shoot. I don’t usually get nervous, ever, when shooting, but the urge to pee my pants was real with this one. Saf reached out to me a few weeks ago and told me of his plans to propose in a gorgeous […]

Mike + Cheyenne: Wedding

Mike + Chey are the best, Their incredibly natural dynamic together, paired with amazing weather, a fantastic venue and an all-around great group of family and friends made this day nothing short of perfect. Both the ceremony and reception took place at the Royal Ambassador in Caledon, a hidden gem of […]

La Petite Photoshoot

HI GUYS. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted a blog….. I wish I had a good reason, but I don’t. So with that being said… I’m going to start bombarding you now with random blog posts from past shoots that I like that I haven’t gotten around to […]